Establishing Your Student Eaglemail Account for the First Time

  1. Goto
  2. Students: Sign in with your ID number. The default password is your eight digit date of birth without dashes.
  3. Select your Primary Email Address and press SUBMIT.  This address is a selectable combination of your first, middle and last name from your student records.  NOTE:  This address will always be associated with your student account and cannot be changed.
  4. Accept Google's Terms of Service.  NOTE:  Your email account is not created until this is accepted.
  5. Manage Account Screen provides options such as Password change and Account Nicknames.

Options: Setting up Account Nicknames

Account nicknames are handy if you have a name change, or prefer an email address alternative to your Primary. These email addresses are valid and messages addressed to them will be delivered to your student mailbox. You may choose up to two nicknames, and can change them anytime without jeopardizing your existing messages.